Celebrate Freedom.
Honor the Strong.

Celebrate Independence Day with the El Paso-Las Cruces Chevy Dealers. Independence Day is a holiday set aside to honor and celebrate the freedoms that so many men and women have fought to protect since July 4, 1776. It’s a celebration that means so much to so many, each in a unique way. From veterans to current servicemen and women, from volunteers to public servants, we all gather on the Fourth of July to remember what our nation has gone through and the independence we have because of that determination.

Chevrolet and Its Dealers Salute Those Who Have Served

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Chevrolet and the El Paso-Las Cruces Chevy Dealers have partnered with Military Warriors Support Foundation to honor our combat wounded veterans for their service and sacrifice. Payment-free vehicle “Key Presentation Ceremonies” are created through Chevrolet partnerships with college and professional sports teams as well as popular musical groups. The service of the Chevy Everyday Hero and the efforts of the Military Warriors Support Foundation are highlighted at these high profile events, through local media coverage and within four promotional periods where local veterans are spotlighted for their sacrifices.